Townhall 1st September 23

Townhall meeting news for Sol Invictus, held 1st September 2023
 Sol Townhall will be held monthly on the 1st Friday each month

Hosted by TheAeolus

August Review

Our visitor numbers were up 8% more came through our doors, we had a couple of small raids. August growth was down slightly.
No ads were running, we are on the right track with our predicted growth.
Communications via text and VC was up 6%.
Two previous members came through the gates.

The Draft was hosted by Invictus, with around 60 attending - 6 drafted at the event, none were by ticket.
Living the experience is so much better than missing it via ticket.  However, we understand sometimes it is unavoidable.

New Arch-Patriarchs
Three houses have new Leaders, Anicetus, Olympia and Invictus.
SaberInvictus also promoted to A1

Cypria and Deonysia, both did a good job on running their houses.  Empyreans only sit in the position until someone can take the role.
Aeolus said he was excited to see how the houses develop, under their new leaders.

Sol Carnival - Community Wide Event
Held on Friday 18th August 4 pm CST.
We had 30 attendees, and the event was enjoyed by all who took part.
Looking to further similar events for the community in the future.
Winners as below:-
1st Place:  🥇 
D Series with a score of 78 POINTS!!
2nd Place: 🥈 
A Series + Empyreans with a score of 69 POINTS!!
3rd Place: 🥉 
V Series with a score of 66 POINTS!!
4th Place: :
L Series with a score of 29 POINTS!!

Individual winners of the events:
L1 | CalpurniusLucius - Discord Password
D1 | KiwiPerseus - Natural Disaster Survival
P1 | AsteriaLucius - Puzzles
A1 | SaberInvictus - Stumble Guys

Series Guide A general rundown on the chain of command, how each series has its own responsibilities, to explain the differences between them.
A Series The A series connects you to the Pyre, they are Leaders, and are your voice. Taking up House Leader roles and roles within the Gates, to name a few.
D Series The Bulk of positions are held by the D series, a role which the L series can turn to for help with any issues. If needed they will pass any queries up to the A series. They assist with logging meritus and passing down information from A series. L Series L Series are our communal figures, who can hold some positions in Sol. If you are here for the lols and bants, that is also perfectly good; you do not have to have a career to enjoy Sol.

L series can also list members who have been in unplanned events in 3rd Sphere, helping V series and others to build up their meritus; this is optional.

September Information
Draft Night
Draft Night is on the 30th September, 4pm CST - To be hosted by Lucius.

Houses News
Houses now have their own automata; the figures on them presently will be reset for the start of October, and maybe reset every 3 months. The picture below is of Anicetus, giving you an idea of how the score is worked out.
There will be a house cup, still in the planning stage, likely to be awarded every three months.
Houses were asked to make a streamer, these can be captured by other houses and will be worth points; The details are still being worked on.

The Gates
The Gates will be open on 23rd - 24th September
If you know someone who wants to return, reach out to NanoPerseus, or HawkAnicetus.
If you are thinking of leaving the server, please communicate with someone to enable us to offer other solutions, or open a ticket.
Communication is everything; there is the possibility if you just leave, you may not be accepted back in.

Certification is a requirement to be promoted for L to A series.  Classes last for approx 30 minutes; there is no test.  

The classes help you understand your series' requirements or the series you wish to move up to.

We are planning to host these for all different time zones. 
Even if you are not looking for promotion, it will help you understand your series better, and there is no harm in having it.

To check which careers are available:-

Important Information

React to Notices
Checking interested in Events, helps the host to know how many to expect, and whether to move it to another day.
Sol shouts/notices: it is important to react to the emoji under the shout//notice; this lets us know how members have seen and read it.

September Giveaway
A hoodie is up for grabs ends on 15th September 

can be found in the Sol-Giveways channel under Server Shouts.

TheAeolus - Omniarch Speech

Aeolus talked of his goals for the community being:-

Peace. Prosperity, Progress
Peace - To have no drama.

He should not need to be involved in disputes between members; you should be able to resolve them yourselves.

Prosperity - Our saying is One True Community, and we share the same goal of working together and playing together.

Progress -  We have been progressing at a steady pace. However, I intend to accelerate and get to our goals quicker. October is Goal Month for both short and long-term goals.

We will be having special events for Halloween and Christmas.

We are all here to have fun, enjoy ourselves, make friends. Be aware that if you are in with a group of friends and someone joins your VC, then moderate yourselves, and know who you can say things to, as the perception of the meaning of things said is very individual.