Townhall 4th August 23

Townhall meeting news for Sol Invictus, held 4th August 2023

 Sol Townhall will be held monthly on the 1st Friday each month

Overview of July, information on August.

Hosted by TheAeolus

July Review

July growth was down for new members joining, however our retention is higher, those who are in the server are staying and engaging with the community.
No ads were run, we are one the right track with our predicted growth.

 It was good month, hosted by Anicetus, with 60 attending - 6 drafted at the event, also a few by ticket.
The attendance made it an exceptional event.

TheHypatius gave his f
inal promotions.
TheAeolus to 02 was also given the honor of running Sol Invictus.
AsteriaLucius to P1
BaritusArcadius to I1

During July we have been working to simplify our rules, making them easier to understand.
If you see something which does not seem quite right, question it by opening a ticket.

Series Guides
Series Guides came into full swing, certification is needed to be promoted or drafted.
Shout out to ImbrexInvictus, AsteriaLucius, LegaArcadius and CaroArcadius for all the work put in, to make this a success.
V, L and D courses are being run, A series is a work in progress.
The certifications, are straight forward, and not difficult to attain. Classes are advertised in the events channel.

August Information
Draft Night
Draft Night is on the 26th August, 4pm CST - Hosts Invictus.

New Heirarch
A new heirarch has been chosen, responsible for everything within the Houses, we congratulate ImmortalisArcadius on his new role. 
Immortalis introduced himself, and said his main goal is to ensure all houses are healthy and happy.

Sol Carnival - Community Wide Event
Will be held on Friday 18th August 4pm CST.
The Sol Invictus Carnival, brought to you by The Ministry of Engagement. The Sol Invictus Carnival is an event for ALL of Sol Invictus to compete against one another. This time around, the competition will be between Series. aka. V Series vs L Series vs D Series vs A Series/Empyreans. A test of endurance, games include natural disasters, discord password, puzzles stumble guys. At least 40 players at a time. Points will be awarded which will equal meritus. Social Media Sol twitch is up and running, the July draft being streamed on it. We are aiming to affiliate; funding would go back in the community.
SolTemplum YouTube, is being headed up by RaidenArcadius. He will be making a variety of videos for the community. TikTok is in the planning stage. Positions will open in the next few months, as we push Sols presence on social media.

Capital Capital will be revamped; more information to come later.

The Gates
The Gates will be open on 19th - 20th August.
If you know someone who wants to return reach out to NanoPerseus, AngelusArcadius or HawkAnicetus.
If you are thinking of leaving the server, please communicate to someone to enable us to possibly offer other solutions, or open a ticket.
Communication is everything, there is the possibility if you just leave you may not be accepted back in.

V series are advised to open a ticket if an event they attended has not been logged.

Event requests
Is there an event you would like to see held, reach out to our event hosts, or ask in the forum found under general/event suggestions.

Important Information
If you have any suggestions for Sol, please raise a ticket. Meritus is awarded for suggestions we take up.

Steam Group
The Sol steam group is for L series and above, please put your steam name in your Sphere channel to be added.

Interested in helping Sol, and taking up a position, the list is here.

We are aiming to have 12 - 15 drafting in August.
Our members make our community special.

Peace. Prosperity, Progress
One True Community.