Townhall 7th July 23

Townhall meeting news for Sol Invictus, held 7th July 2023 

Sol Townhall is held monthly on the 1st Friday each month

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Hypatius is stepping away from running Sol Invitus.

Prior to Townhall, Hypatius posted an important message in Sol Invictus.  During Townhall he mentioned how he had been looking for someone to take on the leadership role. He will continue to maintain ownership, spending his time with the Omniarchs to pave the way for future ascendancies, to build an interconnected society.

He spoke of the personal challenges he had faced in creating our society, how it was a journey of uncertainty, adversity and often loneliness.

Despite the trials and tribulations, he remained resilient in all facets of this odyssey and triumphed. Sol has taught him many things, and hopes that it can give you what it has given me.

He thanked everyone for all the work they had put in to Sol, and said he would possibly drop in from time to time.

Final promotions given by Hypatius

AeolusPerseus, has been promoted to O1 and now called TheAeolus, taking on all  aspects of leadership previously done by Hypatius.

BaritusArcadius is promoted to the I series. 

Baritus being Baritus, said it was a long arduous process to get where he is today.
He thanked everyone, saying he as been part of Sol for half of his life.

LilithLucius Ascended to the Pyre as a P series, with a name change to AsteriaLucius.

Asteria, as is custom, was not allowed to speak for 24 hours, and was given a task by each Empyrean to complete, which included wearing 3 pairs of socks, changing her pfp and banner, recording a diss track to name but a few.

Asteria thanked the Pyre for the opportunity, saying she was honored and excited. The experiences she has had in Sol will carry into her real life.
She ended with 
Boss up and change your life
You can have it all, no sacrifice. (was tasked to quote a lyric from a lizzo song in speech)

Other News
TheAelous made his first announcement as leader of Sol

Reverence is officially gone, no more Sir or Ma'am, anywhere.
Instead to show understanding use one of the following:-

Understand, Nano
I understand, Trevor
Heard, Lilith.

June update
There was a brief speech on June being a vast improvement in activity overall from May.

Peace. Prosperity, Progress
One True Community.