Town Hall 9th June 23

Townhall meeting news for Sol Invictus, held 9th June 2023 

Sol Townhall will be held monthly on the 1st Friday each month

Hosted by AeolusPerseus
L Series were thanked for logging events, this is imperative for Sol to grow, and for our V series.
June Information
Draft Night
Draft Night is on the 24th June, 4pm CST - Hosts Arcadius

Domus Event
An event is being planned, as yet no date is set, events take a lot of planning and we want it to be memorable.

Community Wide Event
Is also in the planning stage, no date yet set.

Community Ambassadors.
New members can sometimes find it hard to fit in with existing friend groups. To help them to feel at ease we are trialing community ambassadors.
  • L Series and above can apply, by opening a support ticket or reach out to Sir AeolusPerseus. This is not a career, and can be done even if you have one.
  • One member will be chosen by you, for you to look after, assist making them feel welcome and comfortable with the server.
  • Once they have joined a house, you will be credited with meritus and choose another member.

May Review

May has been a slower month for Sol, it has often been one of our slower month, interactions are down within the server. This is not a concern as members are living their lives, touching grass.
We also had a slow month for verifying new members, however no ads were run, and we still verified 39.

Closed Draft
Usually the draft is a large event, in May many of those joining houses were unable to attend, drafting by raising a support ticket.
Therefore it was decided to host the draft as a closed event in the Pyre. Enabling the few still to join a house to hear the leader speeches and choose which house to join.

Houses have submitted designs for merchandise, as yet there is no date set for items going on sale.

Recent Updates
New Ping Role
For those over 23 access to the Abyss is a self role in Sol Roles/🟦-ping-roles.
Earlier in the year a survey was sent out to everyone, and many requested to have the choice of being in the Abyss.

The Gates
The Gates will not be open in June, the next time they are open is 22nd - 23rd July.
If you leave the server, please communicate to someone to enable us to possibly offer other solutions, or open a ticket.
Communication is everything, there is the possibility if you just leave you may not be accepted back in.
Important Information
If you have any suggestions for Sol, please raise a ticket. Meritus is awarded for suggestions we take up.

Steam Group
The Sol steam group is for L series and above, please put your steam name in your Sphere channel to be added.

What is RST - Respite
On the Sol Automata RST stands for respite.
Respite is for those with careers in Sol, so a break can be taken from their duties, whilst still being able to be active in the server.
No respite request can ever be turned down.
Respite is 14 days, every three months.

What is PBT - Probation
On the Sol Automata PBT stands for probation.
Breaking the policies of Sol, can result in a violation, when given there is a reduction of Meritus.
  • Acquiring 50 Meritus deduction will trigger you being on probation.
  • Sol violations guide 
  • If you are put on probation, under the column headed PBT, this counts down the days you have left to serve the probation out.
Activity Logging
Inactivities no longer need to be logged on the server, though we do ask that exodus and extended are entered there, it does help for Leaders to know if you are not going to be able to attend.
There is a form attached in each Sphere Channel.

Interested in helping Sol, and taking up a position, the list is here.

Vote and Gain 2 Meritus every 12 hours

Peace. Prosperity, Progress
One True Community.