Absences and Respite Guide.

Absence and Respite Guide

This guide will clarify the difference between absence and respite, when to use the form.


Mandatory Events
There is no requirement to advise Sol if you are unable to attend mandatory events. However, Sol Invictus has only 2 Mandatory events per month, L Series + are required to check "interested" on the event within the discord events calendar. The expectation is that you do attend.

Extended and Exodus It will be a benefit to Sol if you complete the form below, as we will then be aware that you are away for a significant period of time. This is recorded in the !-activity-notices.

Respite is for members with a Sol Career. Allowing you to take time away from your responsibilities, without it affecting you. Basically vacation days to just relax, play games.
The Sol automata shows how many days of respite you can use, under RST. Respite will never be denied. Attendance for Mandatory events is still expected. Complete the Solarian Notices form below which will automatically record your respite in the !-activity-notices channel. Solarian Notices Form Note, when you click this there is a redirect notice to the form