Townhall Meeting 3rd March

Townhall meeting news for Sol Invictus, held on the 3rd March 2023
Sol  Townhall will be held every 3 months

Hosted by TheHypatius

In January/February we worked on improving our processes.  We are now back to focusing on growth.  Having gained about 250 members over the last 3 days, we have improved our system so the it doesn’t break with these mass expansions, and are likely to hit 2000 by the end of the month, 10,000 by summer.  After the last two month of dedicating our time towards these processes, we are prepared for the expansion so items do not break. We aim to bring in new faces, new talent

Discord Partnership

This has been submitted, 
the metric requirements, we are currently passing. There is a good chance of Sol being partnered. 

Kingdoms of Marazia

In a meeting between the dev of KoM a partnership was formed. In that there will be in game promotions for Sol members, and Sol will promote KoM.

There is planned a Europa V Sol KOM Challenge, we have a two week advance notice.

This is our first competition, it is also to see how well we get along with other ascendancies.

Do not cause a rift.  March 15th will be the beginning of the competition. There is also a forum thread for KoM in our Server.

If you play KOM, or any game that the developers partner with us, you will earn meritus

for playing the game.  KoM is free on Steam, any game partnered with Sol will be free to our members.

Presently there are 3 games we are working on partnerships with, KOM being the first one. 

Kingdoms of Marazia will be available on google play, dependent on when google release the app.

New Ping Roles
New ping roles have been added to the server, check out all self assignable roles, if you have not done so, under Sol roles.

Server Alert - All changes and maintenance alerts. Important for knowing if there is an issue.

Welcome Team - This open to L series +. you will get a ping in the plaza when new members join, and be part of the welcome committee.  Engaging our new members in conversation, and helping them to find there way round the server.

Movie Role - This has been reinstated, if the partnership with discord is possible in the future it will be removed. Recent Updates Accessions - D Series+ have been advised to apply for a position in the Career Listings, holding a position is a requirement to keep your Series. There are a few members who have yet to apply, applications must be in by the 31st March. Ministry of Training - A program is being developed, so all members are properly educated in the Ascendancy, its structure, principles, series requirements. To enable everyone to understand the possibilities Sol can offer, and have the tools to be successful. Activity V Inactivity - Active members are anyone who has earned any meritus in the last 30 days. 

Inactive are members who have earned meritus in the last 30-60 days.

Derelict are those who have received meritus in the last 60-90 days.

Meritus can be earned in many ways, including the Social Level for chatting.

The engagement team will be reaching out to those who are Inactive. Once you hit 90 days of inactivity, you will be removed from Automata, marked as inactive, and you will need to submit a ticket to re-enter Sol.

Domus - The Domus (Ministry of Houses) is where the leaders of houses, hold discussions. There was an election for an overall leader to manage the Domus. This was won by BaritusArcadius who received the majority of the votes.

Three new houses are being added to Sol, Olympia, Vitruvius, Venus.  Olympia being the first, and is already in the process of setting up.

Banter between the houses, is acceptable, smearing another houses reputation is not. It is hardly ever an issue, but it should never happen.

Patrons updates - There are new features currently added, including name change, we are looking for a project manager to add physical awards.  

 Blogs - The blogs are constantly updated to reflect any changes, please ensure to read them prior to asking questions about changes. Take the initiative to advance yourself. 

GMT Compatible Events

There were some concerns from the GMT time zones regarding the large events occurring when they are asleep.  The majority of Sol is NA, with events currently matching an NA schedule. 

We are working on distributing these events to have GMT activity.  Taranis is planning the Selection Day on 25th March, for the GMT side, so those who would like to experience Selection Day, can.  

Our Values and Principles

Keep the peace, friendly banter is fine, however making others feel bad is not, if your success is dependent on others failure, you are doing it wrong.  If someone tells you to stop, stop. It shouldn’t take someone higher than your position to tell you to be a good person.  There is a time and place for everything.  If you do not listen to someone higher than you, there will be no mercy. Zero tolerance policy for dissention behavior. Be kind to each other, Sol is a safe place for a lot of people, keep it that way. 

There is a complaint system for the HR (1 person) and Hypatius for confidentiality. 

If you have ideas for improvements, questions, need clarification, make a ticket.  Don’t spam them to be a nuisance but please use the ticket system. 

Find a purpose, if you want to be here just to game, that is fine, that is what the L Series is designed for.  If you want to contribute to Sol, we encourage you to do so.  Apply for a higher level, you design your own progress. Sol is not your life, if you grind to much you will burn out.

When you join Sol, you accepted the fact that you are representing Sol inside and outside of the server.  If you are breaking Sol policies in another server, you can be removed.  We want people with good character in Sol. Promote Progress.  Don’t get stuck in your old way due to tradition.  This includes at the individual level, be better than you were yesterday. 

Final words from Hypatius.

I am not going to be the Leader of Sol Invictus for much longer, it was never meant that I would lead Sol. I lead all of the Ascendancy's, and will be spending more time on other projects. I am preparing someone for leadership, no date is yet set for this change.
However, I will be dropping in at times to see how you are all getting along. No date is yet set for this change.