The House of Anicetus

Proud to be the House of Leadership, Anicetus has a profundity of community and order. Characterized by its plentitude of leadership figures and unique personalities, Anicetus can command a VC or chat with the membership's presence. The Anicetus brotherhood creates loyal bonds to the House and allows for close and personal mentorship and friendships.

House of anicetus

────────────────╡ Invictus Anicetus ────────────────

Invictus - Unconquerable

Anicetus - Invincible


Anicetus House Ranks (highest to lowest)

  • Anicetus Arch-Patriarch

    • The faces and overseers of the House. Maintaining and attending to the structure of the House, Arch-Patriarchs administer the current membership of the House or those who are entering or exiting.

  • Anicetus Council

  • Advisors to the Arch Patriarch, Council members are leadership figures that aid with the communal and structural needs of the House.

  • Anicetus Exarch

    • Anicetus Exarch’s are the junior leaders of Anicetus, who’ve begun  their leadership journey within anicetus. Exarchs hold an important role  by developing the house of Anicetus through assisting, and hosting Anicetus events alongside the council. These individuals hold consistent engagement with the anicetus claims.

  • Anicetus Archos

    • Members who are eligible to take on a House leadership position. Those who are a part of the general membership, having obtained the privilege of bearing the Anicetus bloodline name through being selected into the house.

  • Anicetus Claim

    • Potential Anicetus members. Eligible members of the V-Series can be given an Anicetus claim. Anicetus claims to be able to experience Anicetus-exclusive events and the Anicetus membership.