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Systems Hierarchy

Governances, Ministries, & Positions

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Governances of Sol
  • Societal
  • Cultural
  • Capital

    These refer to vital government institutions that consist of specialized organizations aimed at achieving critical objectives to facilitate the growth and development of Sol. The aim is to foster prosperity and uphold the values of peace, purpose, and progress, while promoting the creation of a united and inclusive community that values diversity, regardless of race, color, or creed.

Governance - Societal
    This organization is responsible for overseeing our social, security, and engagement objectives and principles, which serve to uphold the overall structure of Sol.

Governance - Cultural
    This organization oversees our marketing, education, and career development objectives, which serve to preserve, promote, and grow the culture of Sol.

Governance - Capital
    This organization is responsible for overseeing our assets, data, and talent, which serve to create and innovate to further support the development of Sol.

Ministries of Sol
  • Under Societal Governance
    • The Domus
    • The Gatekeepers
    • The Coordinators
  • Under Cultural Governance
    • The Trainers
    • The Magistrates
    • The Ambassadors
    • The Clericus
  • Under Capital Governance
    • The Writers
    • The Creators
    • The Engineers
    • The Technicians

    These refer to special subsidiaries of governments that work in sync with their governance objectives by creating and achieving specific operational objectives.

Societal Ministries
  • The Domus
    • Ministry of Houses - is the federation of houses of Sol. Managed by the Domus Council which is composed of house leaders known as Patriarchs and Matriarchs, and led by their elected council leader, the Hierarch. 
    • This dedicated team is tasked with building strong communal bonds by fostering a more profound sense of belonging, promoting social engagement, and providing social stability.
    • Ministry of Houses, for further details:
  • The Gatekeepers
    • Ministry of Security - ensures the safety of our society by removing security hazards, prohibiting the return of malicious individuals, and actively monitoring for potential threats.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with rapidly removing hazards, cleaning up the aftermath of breaches and violations, interviewing at the gates, assessing the potential social impact of potential returnees, and actively monitoring for policy/law violations, brewing internal conflicts, internal or external threats, and ensures the peace is kept.
    • Ministry of Security, for further details:
  • The Coordinators
    • Ministry of Engagement - drives and promotes social engagement for all of Sol.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with planning, organizing, and executing events focused on driving engagement with all of Sol, not just within houses. The primary objective is to encourage active participation, foster a sense of community as a whole, promote social cohesion, reduce social exclusion, and provide opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment.
    • Ministry of Engagement, for further details:

Cultural Ministries
  • The Trainers
    • Ministry of Education - focuses on training and educating new and veteran members.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with building training materials and learning aids to further the understanding of Sol.
    • Ministry of Education, for further details:
  • The Magistrates
    • Ministry of Accessions - oversees the entire promotion and demotion process.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with ensuring consistent and fair accessions to ensure the continual growth of Sol.
    • Ministry of Accessions, for further details:
  • The Ambassadors
    • Ministry of Marketing - manages all advertising and promotional efforts to further spread the reach and pull of Sol.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with putting out effective marketing campaigns and processes that helps bring attention and engagement to all of Sol.
    • Ministry of Marketing, for further details:
  • The Clericus
    • Ministry of Support - helps resolve conflictsanswers questions, and ensures the safety of our society.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with providing human resources support by verifying new members, introducing them to key parts of our communities, answering questions in support tickets, or helping guide you to resources to resolve conflicts.
    • Ministry of Support, for further details:

Capital Ministries
  • The Writers
    • Ministry of Records - creates and maintains all public documents and records.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with ensuring that all public documents are updated and accurate, all inactive records are closed and stored correctly, and that all new information that needs to be made public, is written and posted promptly.
    • Ministry of Records, for further details:
  • The Artists
    • Ministry of Creation - designs and creates media and art.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with designing and creating media to support Sol and the efforts to grow and develop. This includes making/editing logos, icons, videos, models, and more.
    • Ministry of Creation, for further details:
  • The Engineers
    • Ministry of Development - builds programs that help with automation, integration, orchestration, or creating projects that support the objectives of Sol.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with creating bots, sites, games, apps, and more.
    • Ministry of Development, for further details:-
  • The Technicians
    • Ministry of Cyber Security - ensures that the domain is protected and maintained.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with ensuring that all account holders have the correct permissions, groups have the correct accesses, documents are correctly shared, access is frequently audited, and our network is frequently monitored.
    • Ministry of Cyber Security, for further details:-

Systems Hierarchy

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