Societal Policy - 2023

"Ad Astra Per Aspera"


One True Community

Societal Policy

This policy outlines the values and principles that help govern Sol.

Any policy violation may result in a warning, violation, ban, permanent ban, or blacklist.

General Expectations

❏  Establishing general behavioral guidelines for your success.

Keeping the Peace

    All members of Sol, regardless of their position, are expected to maintain a respectful demeanor toward others at all times. Any form of disrespect based on personal traits, beliefs, culture, or other individual characteristics will not be tolerated.

Any behavior that creates conflict within Sol, whether deliberate or unintentional, will not be permitted. Maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the community and keeping personal disputes separate from Sol is paramount.

No Harassment 


    Under no circumstances is any form of harassment, including bullying, grooming, racism, sexual harassment, and others, tolerated within Sol Invictus. Any instances of such behavior, whether within or outside of the community, will result in a permanent ban and the possibility of being blacklisted.

The safety and security of our community are of utmost importance, and our goal is to maintain a friction-free and harmonious environment. Any known instances of harassing behavior will result in severe consequences, regardless of the circumstances.

Clean Voice Calls

    Please refrain from disrupting voice calls with any behavior that interferes with ongoing conversations or events. Members with moderation authority can mute or remove you from a call if necessary.

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of voice chats and avoid using them for illegal activities, harassment, or other disruptive purposes. Any actions that detract from the peaceful atmosphere of the community will not be tolerated.

Platform Terms of Service & Community Guidelines

    To ensure a safe and secure environment for all members, we request that everyone adhere to the Discord terms of service and the community guidelines. We also request that everyone adheres to all platform terms of service and community guidelines that Sol operates on.

General Reverence

❏  Properly recognize and respect the leaders.

Aesurion Reverence

    All members of Sol Invictus are expected to show proper respect when interacting within The Spheres.

All members are expected to greet Aesurions in voice chats or text channels within The Spheres, regardless of whether it is an informal or formal setting. This includes greeting the highest-ranking Aesurion present.

  • Always refer to Aesurions by their first name, and do not shorten their first names.

  • Empyrean reverence of “Sir” and “Ma’am” is only used when recognizing those in the Empyrean ranks.

  • When greeting an Aesurion, there are no set restrictions in place on the wording used, but must follow professional and respectful beginnings; as an example:

    • “Hello, Aesurion (NAME).” instead of “Heyo, Aesurion (NAME) or “Sup, Aesurion (NAME).”

Empyrean Reverence

    All members within Sol are expected to properly render customs when approached and commanded within The Spheres.

Always greet the Empyreans in any sphere voice chats or sphere text channel. Regardless if they state otherwise, whether it's informal or formal. Do not greet if your greeting is going to disrupt the conversation taking place.

  • Do not shorten the names of Empyreans. 

  • Greetings are expected at any call, channel, and Ascendancy-related server. 

  • Exceptions to greetings include:

    • Text Channels - The Abyss, Swamp, House Plazas, and Fraternity

    • Voice Channels - Forum, Abyss, Swamp, Fraternity, and House Plazas

  • When greeting an Empyrean, there are no set restrictions in place on the wording used, but must follow professional and respectful beginnings; as an example:

    • “Hello, Sir Aeolus.” instead of “Oi Oi, Sir Aeolus.”, or “Sup, Sir Aeolus.”

General Work Ethics

❏  Work honestly and diligently


    We expect all members of Sol to be honest and transparent, and not withhold information that could potentially harm the community or its members.

Leadership positions come with a great deal of responsibility, and it is expected that these members will not use their authority to further their own interests or those of others.


    When you accept a task or a position, you are responsible for maintaining a certain performance standard. This includes:

  • Adhering to the established standards for the position or task,

  • Providing high-quality work,

  • Submitting complete work,

  • Clearly communicating any notices of inactivity,

  • Fulfilling the responsibilities of the task or position you have taken on.

You will be held accountable for your actions and are expected to live up to the standards you agreed to uphold. If you choose to abandon your task or position, you will forfeit the opportunity to hold that position again for up to 6 months or permanently.

General Assemblies 

❏  Avoid unmonitored deviant clique behavior


    Sol Invictus members are prohibited from forming or participating in any online or offline group activities that undermine the unity of the community. All group chats must be approved by an Aesurion before they can be established.

Any group chat deemed harmful, misleading, unapproved, and/or unregistered by an Aesurion or higher is considered an illegal gathering and will face the consequences. Any gathering of more than 20% of Sol members is considered an assembly.

Any unauthorized or unregistered assemblies must be disbanded immediately. Participants of such assemblies will be subject to warnings, violations, bans, permanent bans, or blacklisting. All assemblies must be reported to an Aesurion promptly, and requests for approval must be submitted to an Aesurion.

If an assembly is approved, it must be overseen by two Aesurions. If the request is denied, the same request cannot be made again, and you cannot ask another authority. Approvers cannot approve their own requests. Approvers cannot approve requests if they are one of the participants. Approvers are Aesurions and higher, but all requests must flow through Aesurions if they are available. 

Approval can be retracted if the assembly becomes a detriment to the unity and peace of Sol. Retracted approvals can have consequences for the owner(s) of the assembly.

- Approved by The Omniarch