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The Clericus

General Description & Listed Positions
(This includes both vacant and occupied positions)

The Clericus
  • Ministry of Support - helps resolve conflicts, answers questions, and ensures the safety of our society.
  • This is a dedicated team tasked with providing human resources support by verifying new members, introducing them to key parts of our communities, answering questions in support tickets, or helping guide you to resources to resolve conflicts.

Listed Ministry Positions
  • Human Resources
  • Support Manager
  • Verifier
  • Support

Human Resources
  • Description
    • A designated resource to address more sensitive complaints or issues. Complaints only go to them and the Omniarch. They have an open-door policy.

Support Manager
  • Description
    • Oversees all support operations and highlights frequent complaints and issues to the Omniarch so that they may be addressed.
  • Expectations
    • Ensures that verifiers are answering verification requests in a timely manner.
    • Ensures that support is answering tickets quickly and correctly.
    • Frequently reviews the support process to help improve the effectiveness in consideration of the needs of the membership and Sol.

  • Description:
    • The primary role of a verifier is to respond to tickets raised to enter Krios, in a timely manner.  Verifiers are the first line of defense in the Security of Sol Invictus, to identify those who are not 18+. Reading their behavior in VC to judge if they are a threat to the Community.
  • Expectations:
    • To have good communication skills, and an understanding of the community to be able to answer questions.
    • To be confident when dealing with those who will not voice verify, who cannot then be verified into the server, or those who become difficult in voice channels.
    • Verifiers are the first people, that new members meet, and have to act professionally, and welcoming.
    • Complete all necessary log forms, and roles immediately after verifying.

  • Description:
    • The support role is to answer tickets from the community, which cover a wide variety of topics.
  • Expectations:
    • To have a knowledge of Sols values, structure, and policies, and where to find
    • Good communication skills.
    • To know when to reach out for help, if a question is out of their knowledge base.
    • Respond to tickets in a timely manner, tickets should not be left unanswered if online.

  • Confidentiality
    •  Discussions held in support tickets, are confidential and are not to be discussed in channels by support staff.

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