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General Description & Listed Positions
(This includes both vacant and occupied positions)

Ministry of Records
  • Ministry of Records - creates and maintains all public documents and records.
  • This is a dedicated team tasked with ensuring that all public documents are updated and accurate, all inactive records are closed and stored correctly, and that all new information that needs to be made public, is written and posted promptly.

Listed Ministry Positions
  • Records Manager
  • Blog Writer
  • Proof Reader

Records Manager
  • Description
    • The head of record keeping and document control, this person is essential is keeping our documents orderly, safe, and up to date.
  • Expectations
    • Reviews public documents and posts for accuracy.
    • Stores out-of-date or sunset documents in safe locations.
    • Creates contain for education, clarity, or entertainment.
    • Maintains access controls to the site for protects the data by backing up the contents.

Blog Writer
  • Description:
    • The Writers are the team responsible for publishing new blog posts & articles and providing upkeep to the Sol Invictus website to help inform the community and keep it updated on anything Sol-related. 

  • Expectations:
    • Confident in their spelling, and grammar.
    • Able to explain clearly, and engage the reader in the subject matter.
    • Keeping the documents updated, as changes occur.
    • To come up with ideas to keep the site fresh and interesting.

Proof Reader
  • Description:
    • To check the spelling, grammar, and details on the blogs. To advise the writer of any errors,  and make suggestions regarding rewording.
  • Expectations:
    • Good knowledge of grammar and spelling.
    • Blogs have to be proofread within a given deadline.

  • Copyright
    •  Any blog articles or banners are the property of Sol Invictus and are not to be used unless permission has been granted by an O series.

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