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General Description & Listed Positions
(This includes both vacant and occupied positions)

The Ministry of Houses
  • Ministry of Houses - is the federation of houses of Sol. Managed by the Domus Council which is composed of house leaders known as Patriarchs and Matriarchs, and led by their elected council leader, the Hierarch. 
  • This dedicated team is tasked with building strong communal bonds by fostering a more profound sense of belongingpromoting social engagement, and providing social stability.

Listed Ministry Positions
  • Hierarch
  • Arch Patriarch
  • Patriarch
  • Exarch

  • Description:
    • Hierarch is Domus Council elected, and they serve as the leader of the ministry. They ensure fairness, stability, and prosperity for all houses. They work directly with the Omniarch.
  • Expectation:
    • They are expected to promote, grow, and maintain the culture of The Domus by facilitating cooperation and collaboration between houses and the rest of Sol.
    • Mediate inter-house conflicts. 
    • Not directly intervene in internal house conflicts unless absolutely needed but instead work hand in hand with their leaders to resolve conflicts or answer questions.
    • Help create a new house during their term to further the expansion of The Domus and the reach of Sol.
Arch Patriarch
  • Description:
    • Arch-Patriarch is the head of a house, in which they are the figurehead from which the identity of the house is formed. An Arch-Patriarch helps provide and establish governance, identity, creation, foundational beliefs, philosophy, Order of Business, and more for their House. 
    • How they run their house is up to them. They may take a hands-on approach and do things themselves, or they may micromanage, or they could establish a strict chain of command, regardless it’s up to them.
    • Arch Patriarch selection is dependent on criteria set by the Hierarch & Omniarch.
  • Expectations:
    • Establish, promote, cultivate, and maintain an active populace within Sol.
    • Ensuring that your house adheres to the various guidelines and policies of Sol.
    • Leading and guiding your house in a fair and unbiased manner, upholding the laws and policies of Sol.
    • Provide a positive constructive environment, free of conflict and strife.
    • Making use of the talents and skills of your members to effectively lead your house.
    • Advocating for your members by addressing their problems, issues, and complaints.
    • Encouraging collaboration and cooperation with other houses for the betterment of The Domus and Sol as a whole.
  • Description:
    • Patriarchs are the dedicated, senior leaders of the house. They carry management and leadership roles, often performing various functions ranging from; document control, event hosting, disciplinary actions, and instructional periods. In the absence of the Arch Patriarch, the Patriarch can assume their responsibilities.
  • Expectations:
    • Serve as a role model for the house and contribute to its growth and development by helping to shape its identity, strengthen its community, and establish its culture.
    • Demonstrate initiative and creativity in collaboration with the Arch Patriarch to enhance the well-being of the house.
    • Be ready to assume responsibility and accountability for the members of your house.
    • Foster strong relationships not only within the house but also with the broader Sol community.
    • Act impartially in the best interests of Sol, without favoritism or prejudice.
    • Maintain regular and effective communication with the house and other leadership members, ensuring that important information is shared promptly.
    • Respect the responsibilities and expectations associated with this position. Abusing authority can undermine your credibility and hinder the progress of yourself, your house, and your ascendancy.
  • Description:
    • Exarchs are the junior leaders of the house. This is often offered to L Series so that they may experience what it’s like to assist in leadership roles while providing for the community under the direction and guidance of the Patriarchs. Exarchs may assist in the day-to-day operations of the houses.
  • Expectations:
    • Be open to learning how to host, lead, and assist with tasks under the guidance of their Patriarchs.
    • Adhere to the guidelines and expectations set by their house.
    • Actively participate in and promote the culture, community, and standards of their house.
    • Contribute to the growth and development of their house, its members, and its events.
    • Represent the interests of lower-ranking members of the house.
    • Assist with organizing, planning, and/or hosting events.

  • Peacekeeping
Disclaimer: For houses that harbor degeneracy or if the Domus Council does not immediately address detrimental situations, the Omniarch, Imperialis, or Pactum will intervene.
    • Houses must ensure dissident or disruptive behavior is immediately addressed rather than permitted to fester.
    • Interhouse banter is permitted to the extent that it does not start to create an atmosphere of malicious social exclusion or harbor genuine animosity.
    • Houses may not sabotage each other in the pursuit of advancing themselves or their positions.
    • Houses may not poach other house members. Houses may not actively look to recruit from other houses, but must instead look to recruit from the V Series.
  • Stability
Disclaimer: This may change as time goes on as things come up that may not have been initially added here.
    • Houses may not remove their own Archos without the written approval of all their Patriarchs.
    • Houses may not remove their own Patriarchs without the written approval of all their Arch Patriarchs.
    • Houses may not remove their own Arch Patriarchs without the written approval of the Hierarch.
    • Houses may not be terminated without the written approval of the Hierarch & Omniarch.
    • Houses may not change their bylaws without the total agreement of the house.
    • Domus Council may not change its bylaws without the total agreement of the Arch Patriarchs, Hierarch, and Omniarch.
  • Growth
Disclaimer: All houses have a fair starting amount of positions available to them. Justification is needed to increase the base amount as it affects the broader Sol.
    • Houses may not add more Arch Patriarch positions without the approval of the Hierarch & Magistrates.
    • Houses may not add more Patriarch positions without the approval of the Hierarch & Magistrates.
    • Houses may not add more Exarch positions without the approval of the Hierarch & Magistrates.
    • Draft Night must happen on the last Saturday of every month.
    • Draft Night domus hosts are determined by a rotation set by the Hierarch and supported by the Event Coordinator designated to help support it by the Event Manager. 
  • Hierarch Elections
Disclaimer: All houses have a fair starting amount of positions available to them. Justification is needed to increase the base amount as it affects the broader Sol.
    • Elections must occur once every 3 months or when a new Hierarch is needed.
    • Elections must conclude when all votes are submitted or a week after the start of the elections.
    • Hierarchs can serve two consecutive terms, then must take a break prior to standing again.
    • Candidates may vote for themselves in the Hierarch Elections
    • Candidates must be elected by their houses as their representatives.
    • Candidates need to be Patriarch+,  eligible to be, or already are an A Series.
    • Candidates put themselves forward when a new Hierarch is required.
    • If no one applies for hierarch, the Omniarch takes the post.
    • If only one person applies, but the Domus council do not want them as hierarch, the Omniarch takes the post.

    Message from the Omniarch   
    "For nearly a decade, The Domus has been an essential part of Sol Invictus' identity. It offers a close-knit community where people can find a sense of belonging, a support system to rely on in times of need, guidance to navigate life's challenges, true friendship when it matters most, and a shared purpose that drives them towards self-improvement and the betterment of those around them. It's truly the best of what Sol has to offer, a home of peace, purpose, and progress."

                                                                                                                                    - Hypatius 

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