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General Description & Listed Positions
(This includes both vacant and occupied positions)

The Ministry of Engagement
  • Ministry of Engagement - drives and promotes social engagement for all of Sol.
    • This is a dedicated team tasked with planning, organizing, and executing events focused on driving engagement with all of Sol, not just within houses. The primary objective is to encourage active participation, foster a sense of community as a whole, promote social cohesion, reduce social exclusion, and provide opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment.

Listed Ministry Positions
  • Event Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Event Host

Event Manager
  • Description:
    • Oversees social engagement for all of Sol. Works closely with other ministers and ministries. Makes retention and recruitment a focus of their engagement efforts.
  • Expectation:
    • Plan, organize, and execute events in a timely manner to drive engagement.
    • Ensure all events look professional and are entertaining and engaging.
    • Carry the same expectations of their subordinates.
    • Minimize the amount of inactive and derelict members using resources available to them.
Event Coordinator
  • Description:
    • Focuses on large specific events for all of Sol. Usually delegated to one specific event to ensure success.
  • Expectations:
    • General expectations may vary depending on the event you're delegated to.
    • Understands the needs and wants of Sol and the people.
    • Can meet time-sensitive meetings.
    • Is organized and can multi-task.
    • Can get along well with others and communicate clearly.
    • Can handle large bodies of people and speak confidently in front of a large audience.
    • Is willing to collaborate and cooperate with numerous teams and work with different kinds of people.
    • Can dedicate large amounts of time if need be to ensure all aspects of a project come together on time.
Event Host
  • Description:
    • Focuses on frequently hosting small, oftentimes, random events.
  • Expectations:
    • Creates events that Sol may enjoy.
    • Creates events that are available to large bodies of people if need be.
    • Hosts events in a positive, engaging, and inclusive manner that best represents Sol.
    • Can host at least 3 times a month, each being over an hour long.
    • Can engage with all participants and make them feel included.

  • Capacity
Disclaimer: You don't need to be a host, to be able to host. Anyone above the rank of D Series have permissions to host, but only the event hosts and coordinators are required to host.
    • Hosts events that are not overly limited by the capacity of the platform.
      • An example would be games that only have small lobbies or squads. Hosting a game event where only 4 can participate at one time is not a hosted event but more so a "Looking For Group" request.
      • Pick games or create events that can include as many people as possible at one time.
  • Quality & Marketing
    • Do not create events that can be deemed sexist, racist, discriminatory, or inappropriate.
    • When you create an event, make sure there's an adequate amount of time to give people enough notice to be able to see it.
    • When you make the event itself, make sure you include a proper banner and description to it. Hundreds of people will be able to see it, so make sure you represent us appropriately.
      • No curse words are permitted in the description.
    • Ensure the event is adequately promoted. We need to make sure our events receive maximum attendance and not just small random events with little to no attendance.
      • The more that we focus on properly marketing the event, planning the event, and attention to detail when executing the event, the more people will attend.

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