Information Security Policy - 2023

"Ad Astra Per Aspera"


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Information Security Policy

This policy outlines the values and principles that help govern Sol.

Any policy violation may result in a warning, violation, ban, permanent ban, or blacklist.

Informational Security

❏  Establishing safeguards to ensure the security of Sol.

Sharing Screens

    Everyone must exercise caution when sharing screens. Disclosing information meant for members of higher authority to those not authorized to access it is a breach of security and violates trust. We expect all members to be mindful of the information they share and to keep sensitive topics within the intended audience.

Sharing Documents

    Many documents contain information that is meant only for members of certain positions of authority. We expect all individuals to keep this information confidential and not share it with anyone who is not authorized to access it. The usage of Google groups, documents, and domains must be kept up-to-date with each member's current positions of authority. Any actions resulting in a security breach, such as sharing documents with unauthorized individuals, will have serious consequences for all parties involved.

Sharing Information

    Everyone must exercise caution when sharing confidential information. Disseminating sensitive information to individuals who are not authorized to access it is a serious security breach, whether it was done intentionally or unintentionally. Anyone responsible for a leak will result in their position/authority being revoked or potentially being removed from Sol.

Changing Roles

    Those with the authority to change roles should never give or take away roles from themselves or others that they are not permitted to modify. Roles grant different access to different channels, teams, documents, and other confidential topics, some of which are of high importance. Tampering with these roles in any form can cause significant harm to Sol. Anyone caught violating this will result in their position/authority being revoked or potentially being removed from Sol.

Workspace Permissions

    Workspace groups, units, and organizations must be audited weekly to ensure all accounts have the correct permissions and settings. Anyone added or removed to a position that requires being added to the Sol Workspace must be done at least within 24 hours of their assignment/promotion by designated Workspace administrators.

Asset Security

    All assets of the Ascendancy must be immediately stored in a designated asset drive in the Workspace. Access to this drive must be restricted to The Omniarchs or designated Asset Managers. No asset may be resold or reused without written permission from The Omniarch of The Ascendancy or the designated Asset Manager of The Ascendancy. An asset loss prevention policy must be created and signed by both the acting Asset Manager and The Omniarch.

  • Losses due to mishandling will result in financial liabilities equivalent to the cost to replace the asset or the value of the asset when it was acquisitioned.
  • All assets expressly donated to The Ascendancy become the property of The Ascendancy.
  • Violations of our copyright will result in legal action.
  • Assets that are resold or reused for personal projects without written permission will result in legal action.

- Approved by The Omniarch