House of Perseus

With the Heart of the Dragon; Libertas Aeterna.

House of Perseus
The House of Perseus embark and thrive through the purity of the Ocean; protecting the Dragon's aura at all costs. The members of Perseus are led by the Regal Dragon and the Skillful Scythe. Perseus is proud to be driven by the power of wisdom, determination, resilience, communication and precision to take on any challenges which may be presented to them.

Perseus Vows
In the land of Sol Invictus, a house doth stand, With a dragon's might and a scythe in hand. Its name is Perseus, and it calls to thee, A home for those who crave community. Mature and independent, they seek to find, Those who can work in harmony, in one mind. Their motto is simple, yet holds great power, "Together we thrive, in every hour." But lo, what mysteries lay in wait, Behind Perseus' doors, beyond the gate? What adventures, what tales untold, What secrets are yet to be unfold? Join the House of Perseus, and all shall be revealed, The thrills and excitement, that are yet concealed. For those who seek a place to belong, Perseus awaits, with a siren's song.
Perseus Ranks
Perseus House Ranking Structure (Highest to Lowest)
  • Perseus Elder
    • Perseus Elder; The ultimate overseers of the house, making sure Perseus remains in harmony, peace and tranquility.

  • Perseus Lord 
    • Perseus Lord; The engagement factor of the house, with the ability to hold house events for Perseus to engage with one another, and their claims. Lords have the additional ability to create points of interest for the rest of Perseus to vote on.

  • Perseus Mage
    • Perseus Mage; The selected individuals who wish to begin their journey on the path of leadership within the house. They have the ability to host, mingle and have more of a decisive say about claims and structure.

  • Perseus Noble
    • Perseus Noble; The definition of interaction, and bulk, with the ability to help generate population into Perseus, alongside increasing engagement. The Nobles also have the ability to give input into the running of Perseus.

  • Perseus Claim
    • Perseus Claim; The up and coming members who embody everything that Perseus is about.