V Series Guide

The Visitor Series is the lowest ranking SERIES within Sol Invictus. Usually, members of the V Series are new members.

Members who have yet to verify
  • A member must voice verify, to gain access to the server to ensure safety for the community. Once you have opened a ticket a member of The Verifiers will respond to you and guide you through the process.
  • Members who have voice verified.
  • To be promoted to V2 you need to have accumulated 10 Meritus.
  • You are now eligible for House's to put a claim on you, a guide to the houses is linked.
  • For promotion to V3 you need 50 Meritus, and a house claim.
  • Members who have completed all the above steps are then waiting for Draft Night, which is held on the last Saturday of Month.
  • All V3s must complete a quick 30-minute class with the trainers to learn the basics about Sol and what being a member means.
  • Classes will be held prior to draft night.
  • Not completing the class will not allow you to draft or join a house.
  • This is a requirement and cannot be skipped.
  • Exception is returning members will not have to attend.
A member must join into a House on a Draft Night to rank up to L Series.

V3 members have the choice, when the first Draft Night, comes round they can attend, they can choose a house, or to ask to wait for the next one, if they want to get to know the houses more.
If you are unable to attend, and know which house you want to join, you can open a support ticket a few days before the draft.

Note: - Degradation has been added to all Series. For V Series you will lose .05 meritus everyday.
You have 30 days upon entering the server, before losing the .05 per day. If you lose enough meritus, you can be demoted, or if you drop below 0, you will be moved to inactive role. This also comes in affect after you have been in the server for 30 days.