How to Support Sol Invictus

There are many ways to support Sol Invictus to develop and grow, from joining the community and actively participating, to subscribing as a premium member.  Listed below are all the different options available.
Perveniet ad altitudinem

  • Server Bump - L Series +
          In the server-bump-channel, every 2 hours you can do /bump to keep us high up
          on the Disboard site.
          Automatically awards 2 Meritus.
  •  Community Supporter role  

          Write a good rating for us on our Disboard Page
          Reviews of Sol Invictus | DISBOARD: Discord Server List

          Ping a D series to be awarded 3 Meritus and the Community Supporter role. 
  • Server Subscriptions
           You can now support Sol by subscribing as a premium subscriber, with 2 different tiers,
these unlock special perks and access to premium channels. Patron II now allows for
           a name change
            Promo page:-