House of Lucius

In absentia lucius, tenebrae vincunt.

House of Lucius
The greatest members of the House of Lucius to have ever roamed the seas, leave behind a legacy that never dies. A member of Lucius shows a bright, quick-witted mind, with the ability to navigate rough seas. The House of Lucius, is exactly that, a home. A home for those who choose Harmony over Mutiny, and to be part of a crew on a voyage to destiny. Adventure awaits, are you ready for the journey? 
Lucius Vows
Adaptable Courageous Resilient Serene ═────────────╡ℭ╞────────────═

Lucius Ranks

Lucius House Ranks (highest to Lowest)
  • V - Lucius Captains

    • The faces and overseers of the House. Maintaining and attending to the structure of the House, Captains administer the current membership of the House or those who are entering or exiting. 

  • IV - Lucius Quartermaster

    • Advisors to the Captain, Council members are leadership figures that aid with the communal and structural needs of the House.

  • III - Lucius Helmsman
    • Members who have taken the first step towards leadership in the house. These individuals have shown their engagement and reach within the community. A helmsman should reflect our house vows, and encourage the Lucius crewmates to follow the principles of both Lucius and Sol. 
  • II- Lucius Crewmate

    • Members who are eligible to take on a House leadership position. After a successful entrance into the House of Lucius on selection day, crewmates are encouraged to grow individually and within Sol with the guidance of the Lucius leadership.  

  • I - Lucius Claim

    • Potential Lucius members. Eligible members of the V-Series can be given a Lucius claim. Lucius claims will be able to experience exclusive events.