Sol Violations Guide

Sol Violations Guide

The violations guide, serves as an index for violations against the Policies of Sol.  Each violation is listed with the description, and Meritus loss underneath. Acquiring 50 Meritus deduction will trigger you being on probation.

A "Verbal Warning" system has been implemented (June 23), to co-align with the violation logger. The following amounts that will be logged are:-
L Series: 2 x Verbal Warning, 1 x Written Warning (violation warning on logger), then will be given the violation. D Series: 1 x Verbal Warning, 1 x Written Warning (violation warning on logger), then will be given the violation. A Series: 0 x Verbal Warning, 1 x Written Warning (violation warning on logger), then will be given the violation. Some violations are exempt from this warning system, they are including but not fully limited to: Complaint tickets hold a higher weight and may involve investigations, at which point warnings are subject to being null & void. Violations relating to and regarding voluntary positions held within Sol and it's ministries. Violations rated Tier 3 and above unless stated otherwise in the violation.


Violation                                                                      Meritus Fine  
Tier 1

Pactum Decision                                                                    Custom                                              
Special circumstances and value to be customized.
Public Agitation         10
Abusing microphone / voice chat abilities after a warning.
Improper Reverence from Lower Spheres          10
Failure to show proper reverence in the appropriate settings after a warning (3rd Sphere).
Improper Equipment    10
Lacks necessary equipment for their series/position after 30 days grace period.
Overstepping Lower Authority    10
Micromanaging/overstepping lower authorities.
Skipping Chain of Command     10
Neglecting to refer to the first series higher than you for questions before asking someone a rank above them.
Violation Warning     0
Warning given, regarding a violation.      
Tier 2

Task Dereliction          20
Unable to complete designated tasks in time bracket given.
Improper Reverence from Higher Spheres     20
Failure to show proper reverence in the appropriate settings after a warning (2nd Sphere+).
Impropriety     20
Failure to uphold the expectations and values of Sol per the Societal policy.                                
Inactivity     20
Failure to meet activity standards as a Solarian.
Unapproved Absence     15
Failure to provide an inactivity notice for arranged meetings or mandatory events.
Inappropriate Empyrean Ping  15
Pinging an Empyrean after a warning.  
 House Transfer     20
Member transfers from their house, breaking a commitment made        
Tier 3 

Failure to Follow                                   25
Not following given instructions (accidental) (not rude)
Position Dereliction                                  30  
Relinquishing any official team position within Sol, per rank and per position.
Unwarranted Exposure     30
Posting content not appropriate for the relevant channel (NSFW) after a warning.
Harassment   30
Perceived harassment after a warning to stop the behavior. 
Severe Impropriety     30
Frequent and blatant failure to follow the standards and values of Sol per the Societal policy..
Tier 4

Disobedience                                     40
Not following given instructions (intentional) (not rude).
Dishonesty      40
General dishonesty within Sol Invictus. (dishonest inactivity period, lied about age, etc.).      
Tier 5
Insubordination                               50
Malicious/rude disobedience.                              
Series Dereliction                                   50
Derelicted from their entire series.                               
Unauthorized Assemblies    100
Unauthorized assembly after a warning.                              
Dissension      50
Incentivizing or engaging in arguments or discussions that harm the peace and unity of Sol
after being warned to stop.
Instigation                                                          50
Purposely causing a divide in the server, between individuals or groups
after being warned to stop.                         
Inappropriate Behavior with Minors Present  200
Overly sexualized or flirtatious conversations in the channels with minors present.
 Sexual Harassment                                   50
Perceived sexual harassment.                              
Sol Cyber Security   100
Failure to follow the Sol Cyber Security policy.                              
Sol Information Security                                                100
Failure to follow the Sol Information Security policy.                     
Forced Removal      50
Failure to follow the responsibilities of any position/rank that resulted in a removal.                            Retaliation      200
Unfairly punishing/targeting members who reported violations of higher series.                            
Failure to Report      50
Failure to disclose information regarding a wrongdoing a member has committed.                                
Failure to Report Dangerous Acts      150
Failure to disclose information that could be dangerous to Sol.                              
Damaging Sol Property     100
Intentionally/accidentally damaging anything considered to be property of Sol.                             
Abuse of Privileges      50
Belligerent use of admin or moderation privileges.                                
Stealing of Sol Property     200
Stealing Sol property (images/graphics, documents, etc.) for personal or external use without approval.       
Circumventing a Decision      50
Going to another authority, if the answer you received from the first is not what you want to hear.                  
Malfeasance     200
Maliciously altering or fabricating data with the intent to gain the system for themselves or another.
Redemption Used     100
Returned from the Gates
House Abandonment     100
Member abandons their house instead of a transfer.                          
Probation Violation     50
Violated their terms of their probation from their probation officer. Ankle monitor was broken. Beep Beep.    Improper Capital Submission     80
Submitting incomplete or work not to your full potential on a Capital Task in order to gain meritus
or profits