Inactivity Guide

Inactivity Notice Guide

Sol Invictus has 2 Mandatory events per month, L Series + are required to check "interested" on the event within the discord events calendar, or write an inactivity in the inactivity channel, following the format below. This guide is to advise you of the correct way to fill this in.


There are also other Mandatory events, which would be linked to positions held within Sol, which would also require an inactivity notice. The Krios inactivities channel has a pinned message explaining the different types of inactivity notice. Anything happening after 10pm your local time is exempt if the event/meeting will be over 30 minutes, which is most of them. Therefore you would not need to submit an inactivity.

The format for submitting an inactivity is: -

Inactivity Type: Event Absence:


═──────────────────────────═ Once completed, including the addition of the line underneath, it will be either approved with a 🟢 or not approved 🔴. Acceptable reasons would include but not limited to: - Work Sleeping Vacation Sick Studying Mental Health Sports practice Friends Birthday
Unacceptable reasons would include but not limited to: -
I will not be at home Out with friends Vague reasons

We are not asking you for your life history, or a detailed itinerary, “won’t be home”, or “going out”, can easily be replaced with, “Visiting friends for a Celebration”, “Having a day out with family".

Receiving the same reason "will be out” for several months, can be perceived that no effort is made to attend.

The Mandatory events, like the Townhall keep you in touch with developments within the server, Selection Day is a particularly a great shared experience and participation is encouraged.
Communication is something we value, and a short descriptive reason is part of this. 
If your inactivity is not approved, change your wording.

Those who persist in sending vague reasons, will receive a Violation.