House of Invictus

"Unitum Stamus"

House of Invictus

House of Invictus stands as a fortress of strength and pride, offering a sanctuary for those seeking friendship and inclusion. We believe in giving our members a platform to voice their thoughts and be heard, allowing them to fully engage in the experiences they seek. To speak their truth, and to embrace their individuality.
A house where you can develop your potential, and leadership skills. The powerful symbol of the Stag, representing leadership, stamina, grace and protection.

"We stand united"

Invictus Vows




Invictus Ranks


Invictus Arch-Patriarch

The faces and overseers of the House - They are responsible for maintaining and adjusting the structure of the House as seen to be necessary. Arch-Patriarchs administer the current membership of the House and look after those who are entering or exiting.


Invictus Council

Advisors to the Arch-Patriarchs - Council members are leadership figures that aid with the communal and structural needs of the House.


Invictus EXARCHS

Members who have taken the first step to leadership, our junior leaders. To assist Invictus by hosting events, participating in discussions to grow and develop our house.

To be mentors to our Archos, and engage our claims. Whilst holding to Invictus, and Sols, values and traditions.

Invictus Archos

Members who are seen to be eligible for a House leadership position - They are a part of the existing membership, having obtained the privilege of bearing the Invictus titleship via the drafting process.


Invictus Claim

Potential Invictus members - Eligible members of the V-Series can be given an Invictus claim. Invictus claims will be able to experience provisional Invictus membership and attend exclusive house-only events.