Discord Events Scheduler Tutorial.

A guide on how to set up events in Sol Invictus discord.
  1.  First you need to find a picture relating to what you are hosting and save it. Image size approx. the blog banner size.

  2. Then go to the top of Sol Invictus discord and you will see events.

  3. Click on events, at the top click Create Event.

  4. Where is your event? 
    Check the voice channel option, then next. which will bring up a selection of channels, mainly for games use black/blue/red/yellow. 

  5. Now for your event details.

    The event topic - the game name, event name.

         The event start date, and the start time - the start time shows in your local time.

          Whoever looks at it will see their local time.                           

          The description - describe the game/event.

          Game descriptions can easily be found on google. Add useful information, how many  players etc.         

          Upload the image you saved earlier, hitting next allows you to line it up, click apply

        6. Once you have completed these steps, next will give you a preview, then you can then upload to the events.  
           Once in events there are various options on the 3 dots next to share, such as edit, start.

        7. To start the event, press start the event only ping in the events channel if you are an Event Host.          

          Click share on your event and put the link in the events channel if an event host, or in the Forum for the game if there is one.

      When it is over, click end event.