Discord Welcome

Upon entry to our discord, you are automatically deemed as accepting our 
community rules. Sol Discord is only open to those over 18.


 Community Rules

Discord TOS
  • We ask that all members follow Discord's Terms of Service for the safety and enjoyment of our community.
  • Harassment will not be tolerated (i.e. racism, sexual harassment, bullying, grooming). If we find out you have been doing this, it will lead to your removal from the community. If at any moment you feel harassed by anyone within the server, please let team members know immediately.
  • Leaking or exposing someone else’s private information without consent isn’t tolerated.
  • Try and keep all drama in DMs! If team members have to get involved, people will be removed from the community.

Voice Chats
  • Be respectful in voice calls, don’t loud-mic or be a general pain to the other members in the VC.
Community Concerns
  • Enjoy and if you have any questions or concerns, open up a ticket and a team member will get back to you when they’re able too.
〆━━━━━━━━If You Leave Or Are Banned ━━━━━━━━〆

If you leave Sol or are removed from the community, you will be banned. The only way to rejoin Sol if you are banned is to reach out to come through our ban appeal server, 
If you or someone you know wishes to try to rejoin Sol, contact any member with the
 @The Gatekeepers role