House Arcadius

House of Arcadius

"Omnium rerum principia parva sunt"


Arcadia - Paradise
Aeterna - Eternal


Often has the House of Arcadius identified itself as "Defenders".

Defenders of their Comrades, of the Misfortunate, of their Values and Justice..

The values held to those within were formed with this identity in mind;

To be a bastion for the outcasts,

To defend the downtrodden,

To fight for a paradise that all may partake in,

And to secure a future for their brothers and sisters.

Those who share their vision shall prosper;

While those who strive to break their Arcadia,

Shall never know rest, Aeterna.

"Et in Arcadia ego."


Arcadius House Ranks (highest to lowest)

  • Arcadius Arch-Patriarch
    • The faces and overseers of the House. Maintaining and attending to the structure of the House, Arch-Patriarchs administer the current membership of the House or those who are entering or exiting.

    • Arcadius Council
      • Advisors to the Arch-Patriarchs Council members are leadership figures that aid with the communal and structural needs of the House.

    • Arcadius Archos
      • Members who are eligible to take on a House leadership position. Those who are a part of the general membership, having obtained the privilege of bearing the Arcadius bloodline name through being SELECTED TO JOIN the house.

    • Arcadius Claim
      • Potential Arcadius members. Eligible members of the R-Series can be given a Arcadius claim. Arcadius claims will be able to experience Arcadius-exclusive events and the Arcadius membership.
    "Aut simul stabunt aut simul cadent"