Meritus & Capitus Guide


The Meritus/Capitus Guide serves as an index for the point system within Sol Invictus. The amount of Meritus and Capitus varies depending on the activity or reward type. The accumulation of an individual's Meritus goes hand in hand with their progression within the community.

 Where it states per hour, it is logged in half hourly increments, no meritus is earned until 30 minutes, then rounded down or up e.g. 44 mins/55 mins  = 30 mins logged, 55 mins = 1 hour logged.

──────────╡Sol Invictus╞──────────

Log OptionsMeritus ValueCapitus Value
Sol Invictus - Unplanned Gathering10.00
Sol Security - Logged Case30.50
Sol Security - Witness Interview20.00
Sol Security - Initial Interview20.50
Sol Security - Final Interview40.50
Sol Security - Top Security82.00
Blog - w/ 1000+ Unique Words151.00
Blog - w/ 500+ Unique Words120.50
Blog - w/ 250+ Unique Words90.25
Blog - Proofread or Edited50.25
Blog - AI Created words 1000+40.25
Blog - AI Created words 999-20.25
Attended - Series Training42.00
Attended - General Meeting21.00
Attended - Ministry Meeting31.00
Attended - Virtual Class31.00
Attended - Community Event20.25
Attended - Game Event20.00
Mandatory - Townhall42.00
Mandatory - Draft Night42.00
Mandatory - Accessions Council Meeting42.00
Mandatory - Domus Council Meeting42.00
Mandatory - Education Ministry Meeting42.00
Hosted - Townhall104.00
Hosted - Draft Night104.00
Hosted - Game Event40.50
Hosted - Community Event41.00
Hosted - General Meeting21.00
Hosted - Ministry Meeting42.00
Hosted - Virtual Class204.00
Cyber Security - Reset Password30.50
Cyber Security - Created Account30.25
Sol Invictus - Google Sheets41.00
Sol Invictus - Google Forms41.00
Sol Invictus - Google Docs41.00
Sol Invictus - Google Slides41.00
Sol Invictus - Streamed For Sol51.00
Sol Invictus - Draft Speaker102.00
Sol Invictus - Gave Disboard Rating30.25
Creation - GFX/Art101.00
Support - Idea Implemented20.50
Support - Top Verifier Monthly30.25
Given Automatically
Sol Support - Verify20.5
Sol Support - Log Verified2
Sol Invictus - Rank update Log2

────────────╡Ascendancy of Sol Invictus╞──────────