L Series Guide


The Lecurion Series is the most casual SERIES within Sol Invictus. Members of the L-SERIES are individuals who are climbing their way into the beginnings of leadership, or are people who wish to passively and casually participate as members of Sol.

A promotion cooldown period has been implemented for each series, the Sol automata has an ELG column, which will state if you are eligible, or how many days you have left to wait to be eligible for your next promotion.
L series who wish to be promoted/apply for careers have to attend an L series training, where we go over what it mean to be an L series in Sol Invictus. Upon passing the certification it lasts for 3 months allowing promotions/career opportunities to be taken up. To clarify it is so we know you are aware of how Sol works, and is not a difficult process.
After 3 months if you do not feel ready to role up you can wait to certify again until you do. These events will be held regularly.

Are members who have been recently promoted into the L-SERIES through being selected into a House.
On joining a house there is a 25 day probation period. Any Violation given by Sol will result in immediate removal from the house, and demotion down to V Series. Probation after removal from a house is 50 days, during which time you cannot join another house, or be promoted.
  • A Lecurion must accumulate 100 meritus to be eligible to be promoted to L2.
  • A Lecurion has a cooldown of 14 days to be eligible to be promoted to L2.

Members who have begun to understand the culture of Sol Invictus.
  • A Lecurion must accumulate 150 meritus to be promoted to L3.
  • A Lecurion has a cooldown of 14 days to be eligible to be promoted to L3


Members who understand the basic culture of Sol Invictus, and have shown leadership qualities are ready for their next step.
  • A Lecurion must accumulate 200 meritus to be promoted out of the L Series
  • A Lecurion has a cooldown of 14 days to be eligible to be promoted to D series
  • To be promoted to D series, an application has to made for a D+ Series vacancy from the careers listing. The application form is pinned in 3rd Sphere.
  • Further information can be found in the Ministry blogs, or contact a D series with queries.
Once accepted into a position members will then move onto the D SERIES.

A Lecurion is not obligated to be promoted into the Middle Echelon if they do not wish to ascend. 
Additional Information A Lecurion can, if they wish, take up certain positions to assist their house, or Sol in general. Positions with vacancies for L+ are here career listings, the application form is pinned in 3rd Sphere. For more information on a vacancy, check the ministry's blog, or contact the D series. Unplanned events, can also be hosted by an L series, once over 3 members in the game, time can be logged, if it dips below 3, logging time stops.
Then details can shared in 3rd Sphere for D series to enter on the meritus log. Clarify with a D Series if you have any questions. Note: -
Degradation has been added to all Series. For the L Series you will now lose .1 meritus everyday. If you lose enough meritus, you can be demoted or removed from your house. If you drop below 0, you will be moved to inactivity.