Sol Brief #9 - Carpe Omnia

"Agony In The Garden, Consoled."


Sunrise Brief

Moving Forward

For the last 13 years, Sol Invictus has existed primarily on ROBLOX. 

We've been planning our move for some time now.

New Dawn

On July 1st,2022, Sol will detach from ROBLOX. It will no longer be the only platform where we will exist and recruit from.

Most of Sol Invictus, including myself, have little to no interest in "clanning" on ROBLOX. That ended in October of 2021 for me, and since then, we've existed as a community that's willing and able to find joy and community wherever we go.

Previously, your progress in Sol was based on how often you played ROBLOX. Your progress in Sol was tied to ROBLOX in some way. Your name, profile, activity, time, involvement, leadership, progression, etc.

Instead, I want to make Sol more engaging and rewarding for anyone. Your Merit will be based on your contributions, involvement, and sacrifice for the community. Members will be less likely to be removed for low in-game activity and more likely to be rewarded for community engagement.

So What's Changing?

Solidus To Meritus

"Solidus" is being renamed and restructured to "Meritus Score" or "Merit" for short. This will be awarded after every valid activity, earned from "Recognitions" or awarded by leaders for meritorious acts. Your Merit Score will be required for certain positions and memberships.

Time & Activity

Time spent at a game or event will no longer be a primary concern. It will still be used as an insightful metric for decision-making, but it will not be a primary metric for accessions & ascensions.


Our verification system will be detached. When registering your Sol Invictus account with Sol Invictus, your names can be re-picked from a list of pre-determined first and last names available on an Sol Invictus App/Site. 

This will change your name on all the servers The Sentinel exists in. Your name in Sol Invictus will no longer be your name on ROBLOX. If you are in a House, you will only get to pick a first name, as the last name will be the name of your House.

Sol Age Restrictions

On August 1st, 2022, Sol will be age locked to 18+. If you are currently in Sol and under 18, you will be allowed to remain in Sol. If you are removed for any violation, you will have to wait until you are 18 to have a chance at redemption.

Domus Leadership Age Restrictions

Domus Patriarchs/Matriarchs will have to be 18+ to be in this position. Exceptions can only be made by an Omniarch.

Branches & Branch Expectations/Progression

Instead of one blanket set of expectations, Sol will be divided into 3 branches with their own set of bylaws & expectations on top of the laws & expectations of Sol. This establishes clear goals and allows internal organizations, leaders, and members to be flexible.

The Branches of Sol
  • Capital Governance Branch
    • Executive functions such as hiring/firing talent, project management, capital acquisitions, financial management, and expansion planning. This branch creates and manages everything Sol uses. They will also provide organizational objectives and determine how resources will be allocated to achieve them.
      • "Manages "The Capital," formerly "Capital Grounds."
  • Societal Governance Branch
    • Internal functions such as recruiting, redemption, retention, and education. This is the initial branch of all members before they specialize in a different branch.
      • Manages "The Domus," formerly "Domus Grounds."
      • Manages "The Gates," formerly "Redemption Grounds."
  • External Governance Branch
    • External functions such as organizing events with other organizations, creating competitive esports teams, establishing affiliate programs, and building alliances with key external and affiliate leaders.
      • Manages "The Acropolis," formerly "Martial Grounds."

Branch Established Progression

Instead of having one set standard for all, each branch will establish its own standards on top of the Sol Standards. 

This allows members of CG/EG to develop achievable expectations that will enable them to prioritize their branch objectives such as development, planning, and management without having the stress of meeting time/engagement expectations of Societal Governance (SG). 

Merit will be awarded more frequently based on their contributions to their branch rather than their Merit being dependent on their gaming time & activity. 

Branch selections will be made at D1, while all new members will start by default in SG at L1. Branch transfers can happen by request to your "Branch Leader."

Sunsetting Features/Programs/Memberships

On August 1st, 2022, we will no longer require members to join any groups as it's no longer needed. Membership/names/ranks will be handled internally.

  • There will be minimal maintenance on our ROBLOX places.
  • PCC & VCC are discontinued unless they are recreated in EG as a "competitive team."
  • Training sessions/raids are discontinued unless they are required by a competitive team in EG that you are in.
  • Our YouTube channel will now include non-ROBLOX-specific content. All old videos will be taken down.
  • Our Twitch channel will now have non-ROBLOX-specific content. All old VODS will be taken down.
  • All ROBLOX-styled icons/logos will be replaced with upgraded non-ROBLOX-styled versions.
  • Sol Invictus icons will be replaced with realistic renders instead of ROBLOX renders at no additional cost to those currently with accounts.
  • Sol Invictus website will now aim for a 90/10 non-ROBLOX content to ROBLOX content ratio to diversify our audience.
  • All guides/documents/tests will be non-ROBLOX specific and reduced in size for simplicity.
  • 4th, 5th, and 6th spheres will be discontinued, and the series will be consolidated for simplicity.
    • 1st sphere for leaders,
    • 2nd sphere for supervisors,
    • 3rd sphere for members,

Maintaining Features/Programs

We will continue to have "The Draft." 

This tradition is a Rites of Passage for all entering a House. This will no longer be done on ROBLOX but will happen on the server, on stream, and potentially in a game.

We will continue maintaining our friendships with Provinces as we evolve and integrate them into The Acropolis.

The House system will continue to exist as "The Domus" and "Domus Wars" will continue as a means of friendly competition between Houses across numerous platforms.

Thank You, Everyone

As we grow and mature, so must Sol. 

I appreciate everyone's dedication to building a community that has served as a center of growth, security, and prosperity for many over the last decade. A home away from home, an escape from troubled realities, a world of opportunities. 

One true community.

Sol will continue to shine for another decade.

Carpe Omnia

- The Omniarch

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