Chronicles of Helios - Prologue (Part Two)

Adventures on a Planetary Oddity (Part Two)

Due to the sheer distance of the Andromeda Galaxy from even the external regions of the colonized Milky Way, it may unfortunately be decades or centuries until humanity is able to conduct more thorough investigations into the planet’s structure and its life. Until we are able to travel to foreign galaxies, examinations and experiments will have to be done through the use of probes similar to those that found these preliminary discoveries. This severely limits what we are able to do.

If it is true that intelligent life inhabits Helios, then Man will have to be very careful with how we interact with this species. Communication will be difficult, and intents may be misunderstood by both sides. If direct contact is made, we will have to proceed with caution.


Field Journal - Expedition Helios Summary

By Field Astronaut Viridius Antonio

Authored July 20th, 2180

Declassified January 1st, 2200


This document is a summary of my adventures on the planet Helios, where I explored and wrote about different aspects of the planet, including landing, leaving, my interactions with the flora and fauna, and my thoughts on the experience. I will say that there is indeed intelligent life on Helios, but our crew was instructed to avoid communicating with them directly, and to avoid being seen. Instead, we observed them at a distance, and most of our findings are in this summary.

We stayed on the planet for 2 years including travel, and the project was funded by the United States’ NASA, one of the first and largest space programs of any nation.

For a more detailed analysis including all of the data we were able to collect, and statistics we were able to process, it would be advised to read through my entire field journal, written during the trip itself.

To Be Continued...