Chronicles of Helios - Prologue (Final)

Adventures on a Planetary Oddity (Final)

The animal life on Helios is not nearly as diverse. It seems that there are much less individual species, but there are many more different “types” of the same animal. Whether this is because animals have only evolved relatively recently, and have not had a chance to diversify, or because of some other factor, is unknown.

There is an established food chain on the planet, and many organisms that are directly comparable to Earthian animal types. These include insects, mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians. However, there are no fish present on the planet as the water can get too hot for them to survive during midday. It is well-known that Earthian life was originally aquatic, and made the move to land from there. On Helios, this does not appear to be the case. We were not able to find out very much other information on where life came from here.

One interesting fact is that animals on Helios have evolved to be very efficient at keeping themselves cool, making use of methods that we have never seen before even on Earth.

Helios does indeed have a form of primitive intelligent life. During our journey, we refrained from communicating or being seen by them, as ordered by Star Command. However, we were told that we could observe them from a distance, and we have found a lot of information from this.

They have their own undeveloped forms of language, and they communicate with each other using verbal noises in the same way that we do. While we cannot understand exactly what they are saying, they make use of gestures that are usually easy to follow. They also appear to have their own form of religion. Dr. Herschel speaks in his original paper of “obelisks composed of dirt and stone on the planet’s surface.” These constructs are what they worship. They cook and heat themselves using contained fires, as Herschel also noted. 

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