Edict and Dictata of Anicetus



MAY. 30th | 2021


Anicetus Edict


LAW 1 | Reverence

❏     Showing respect to those leading within the house

All members of the House of Anicetus are expected to abide by the standards of proper house reverence. 

Sec 1. House Leadership

In all house events, house leaders must be referred to with their house titles.

  • “Greetings, Arch-Patriarch CypriaAnicetus.”

  • Arch-Patriarch, I understand.”

Sec 2. Greetings

In all house events and house channels of any kind, the exception of the House Plaza channel and VC.

Arch-Patriarch must be greeted with their house title rather than series title. Those holding the Empyrean title will continue to be referred to with Empyrean reverence. 

  • “Greetings, Arch-Patriarch CypriaAnicetus.”

Updated 5/30/2021


LAW 2 | The Anicetus Name

❏     Earning the name of Anicetus

Members of the House of Anicetus will receive a House name once accepted through the selection day process..

  • The name of Anicetus holds immense importance and history. Those who hold the bloodline name have been deemed worthy of upholding the standards of the House of Anicetus.

❏     Advocating the name of Anicetus

Upholding the Anicetus name is a privilege, those who bear it are held to a high standard within the house. If found to be besmirching the name, you will be punished more severely.

  • Being a proponent of Anicetus is an important responsibility. Members should always respect the name by acting appropriately and helping those in need.

❏     Removing the name of Anicetus

Requests to change the Anicetus name must be permitted by an Arch Patriarch.

  • Those removed from the House will not be saved by their rank. Removal from the House of Anicetus will result in a demotion to the R-Series.

Updated 12/30/2021




MAY. 2nd | 2021



RULE 1 | Boundaries

❏   Understanding time and place

All members of the House of Anicetus are expected to understand the boundaries and expectations of the house. 

  • Members are able to open up and rid themselves of their filters, though they must understand when they are going too far.

    • The House of Anicetus will never tolerate acts of prejudice.

Updated 5/2/2021


RULE 2 | Privacy

❏   Discussions, information, and images.

All members of the House of Anicetus are expected not to leak information from house channels. Whether it be in

voice-chat or text-chat, members must keep house information internal.

  • Members who fail to abide by this standard will be removed from the House of Anicetus.

Updated 5/2/2021



RULE 3 | Conflict Resolution

❏   Relevant conversation to resolve misunderstandings

All members of the House of Anicetus are expected to resolve any conflict at the lowest possible level. If a problem is

so large that it must be determined by an Arch Patriarch, members from both sides of the conflict riskbeing removed from the house.

  • House Patriarchs reserve the right to be Arbitrators for any internal conflict they deem necessary for their intervention.

  • House Patriarchs have the right to provide mediation between parties upon the involved parties' request.

  • All parties involved must consent to mediation.

Updated 5/30/2021


RULE 4 | Removal 

❏     The leadership decides

The House can choose to remove a member at any point due to their behavior even if it is not directly

breaking laws of Sol Invictus.

  • Members who are deemed to not be representing the House of Anicetus as it is intended to be will not continue

            to be given the privilege of doing so.
  • House members can recommend and communicate with the Arch Patriarchs on membership behavior.

Updated 5/2/2021


RULE 5 | Inactivities

❏     house meetings and high-priority house events

All House inactivities must be submitted 3 hours beforehand, the attached link has all the details on

submitting an inactivity.

  • Any member who is unable to attend a high-priority event without proper notice of inactivity

            will receive a strike.
  • Continuously failing to submit proper inactivity notices will result in removal from the House of

  • If not shouted the day prior to the high-priority event, all strikes for that event will be voided.

Updated 5/30/2021


Rule 5 | Activity

❏     Maintaining activity and membership

All members of the House of Anicetus are expected to achieve baseline activity requirements.

  • Those who fail to abide by this standard will be removed from the House of Anicetus when the

             period ends.
  • All are expected to communicate if they are unable to achieve activity within the month.

  • Communicate with an Arch Patrariach if you are unable to get your activity in. 

  • If a member fails to communicate, the Arch Patriarchs will assume that you are inactive, and

             will face removal from the House.


Updated 03/20/2022