Solarians Resurgence

 SOLARIANS Resurgence

Solarians of Sol Invictus ,

 Descendants, Residents & Dissidents

What are these terms?

Solarians of Sol or "Solarian," Descendant, Resident, and Dissident is a general affiliation "status" placed on someone to describe their current level of affiliation, in Sol Invictus. 

What are Solarians of Sol?

Solarians of Sol are citizens of of Sol Invictus that are at or above the series of Lecurion and are in a House of Sol. They are held to all applicable laws of their Sol House.

Ascendants who leave, retire, or get removed from Sol Invictus are relegated to the Descendant status.

What are Descendants? 

Descendants were Solarians or were/are individuals not at or above the series of Lecurion, such as the Visitor series. 

The Descendant status is lost if they leave, get removed, or retire before achieving the Ascendant level. They'll be relegated to "Resident" at which time they will have no status.

What are Residents?

 Are Descendants who never achieved the status of Solarian.

What are Dissidents?

Dissidents are individuals in poor standing within Sol Invictus. Dissidents are usually banned from Sol Invictus These individuals can appeal their status or ban and clear themselves by seeking redemption at The Gates.

This status can be placed on anyone, this is is usually done to those flagged for dissident behavior by Ascendants as a precaution.

How many cooperatives are out there?

Cooperatives can vary by size, appearance, platform, and purpose. They are always given a designation such as "Tau," "Phi," or "Psi." These collaborative platforms are usually shared spaces for passive or active involvement for collaborative efforts.

How do I join Sol Invictus

Sol Invictus is a multi-platform community built around games, community, & purpose, and is age locked to 18+.

You can join Sol Invictus by finding their affiliated discord servers on their related sites, reaching out to any of their members to get an invite, or running into them when they play games. 

Feel free to join us and support our effort to unify people under 
One True Community.