The Voice Verification Process

The Voice Verification Process

In Sol Invictus, we take pride in the security and safety of our community. For this reason, we have new members of the community voice verify.

What is voice verifying?

You will join a VC with one our verifiers, and just have a general chat about how you found Sol Invictus, and they will guide you through the next steps. You will also be asked if you are under, or over 18.

The reasons we voice verify are as follows:
  1. We know you are capable of joining VCs. If you enter the server and cannot VC, you won't be given access to the server until you do so.
    This does NOT mean we expect you to talk in every call or communicate with others vocally as a member of the community.

  2. When you voice verify, it lets us know that you are not a banned member, or that you don't give off weird vibes. People who get banned sometimes try to re-join on alts. They could do this easily if they simply could sit on our server without speaking at least once.