The Gatekeepers

The Gates

Upon your removal, The Gates is the only path you can take to re-admit into Sol Invictus. Going through this process includes fixing the bridges you destroyed, admitting your guilt, or receiving clarification without rejoining. This process may not be an option for everyone based on the severity of your case. You must show respect and patience within their path to redemption while an Inquisitor, Judicator, or Justiciar takes your case. 

How do I go through The Gates?

To go through The Gates if you were banned, you will reach out to a staff member, an Inquisitor, Judicator, or Justiciar, and be allowed to resolve your case.  Depending on your own severity, you may not be able to appeal.

How long is The Gates process? 

The Gates can be an extremely long process depending on the severity of your case that can last weeks or months. 

What will I be asked in The Gates? 

You will be asked various questions depending on your case's severity. You will always be asked the main four questions: 

1. "Why were you banned?"
2. "Why would you like to be redeemed?"
3. "What can you improve on?"
4. " Who referred you to The Gates?

If there is any sort of dishonesty during your case, that will result in a permanent unappealable ban. 

What's the difference between the levels of bans?

Cycle Ban: Cycle Bans are individuals who've processed through and are given an opportunity of appealing their ban as a second chance for the start of the news cycle. These bans take place based on case-by-case scenarios. Cycle bans are less severe cases that could have resulted due to minor transgressions, slight misbehavior, and purges. All cycle bans will be occurred by what is seen fit.

Permanently Banned: Permanently banned individuals are users who've failed their time in The Gates, couldn't maintain standards of the laws inside Sol Invictus after ascending back inside the server, or had extreme misbehavior leading to their removal, coming back into The Gates is granted, not a given for everyone. Members of Sol who have left the community without communicating to any form of leadership will be subject to a permanent ban.

Blacklists: Blacklists are individuals who've caused an extreme amount of disruption within Sol Invictus and no member inside Sol may be affiliated with these users. Cases of blacklists are not public documents for everyone. These cases are unappealable.

What's the difference between these staff positions?

Inquisitors: The Junior Staff (D Series+)

Inquisitors are the starting positions in The Gates; they take core cases involving members who have joint issues like inactivities, minor transgressions, or purges. Also assisting in voice verification and logging cases. 

Judicators: Advanced Staff (A Series+)

Judicators are members who've advanced themselves through the Inquisitor level position and take up advanced cases. These cases include major transgressions and extreme misbehavior. They also assist others by logging cases and voice verification as well as the Inquisitors. 

Justiciars: Leaders (A Series+)

Justiciars are staff members who've graduated from Judicators and learned the entirety of how The Gates works. These leaders assist the Judicators and Inquisitors by overseeing their cases and handling all different types of patients coming through, including Blacklisted issues. 

How do I become a staff member? 

Gatekeepers are a big step in leadership in responsibility. To take up this position, you must provide critical thinking and extensive background checks alongside all of the cases you take or oversee alongside others. 

If you're interested in taking up a staff position in The Gates, reach out to a staff member for an opportunity. 


- D Series+ in Sol Invictus
- Maturity
- Articulate
- Social
- Critical thinking

Who are the current staff members?

Warden of Sol: 

Justiciars:  NanoInvictus

Judicators:  AngelusArcadius

Inquisitors: MicroArcadius, HawkAnicetus