A Guide To Draft Night

The Sol Invictus Draft night

What is Draft night?
The Draft night is a long-time tradition of Sol Invictus, where new members of Sol get to progress further in Sol by becoming a member of a House. The Sol Draft night is held on the last Saturday of every month.

For information on Houses of Sol, click here.

How does the draft night work? 

House claims:
Before the Draft night, members of the V-Series need to be claimed by at least one House of Sol. If a V-Series is not claimed by a House, they may still attend the Draft night but not be involved in the draft process. 

To be eligible to receive a house claim a V1 must have earned 10 Meritus, and will then be ranked to V2.

To qualify to be selected to go into a house, and ranked from V2 to V3 you must meet the following criteria:-
  1. Have a House claim
  2. Have 50 meritus.
  3. Have the V series certification
The interaction between V series and the community of Sol is important for you to be claimed. Additionally, community involvement and making an effort to interact with our members shows house leaders your personality and if you could fit within their house. 

What happens once I receive a claim?
As a claim, you gain access to the House Plaza text and voice chat of whichever house/houses puts a claim on you.
Houses will usually host house specific events like game nights, movie nights which only members of that house can join. Furthermore, you will be able to interact and determine if that specific house fits your vibe.

The big Day... *Drumrolls* DRAFT NIGHT!!

Whichever house goes first will have the honor of selecting a claim to speak about; houses will give a speech about each of their claims. 

After a house speaks about a claim, one of two things occur:
  1. If the claim being spoken about only had a claim from the house that talked about them, the claim decides on if they want to join that house or not.
  2. If one or more houses have a claim on the individual, they will both speak about that claim. The claim is then given a choice to choose one of the houses they received a claim from.
After a claim chooses their house, they will be given the role in their new house, which leads to their rank up from V3 to L1.

Once the draft has concluded, houses will usually meet up in their respective VCs to celebrate their new members.