A Guide to the Houses of Sol Invictus

The houses of Sol Invictus are our system for organizing and branching out our community so that our members have a group of like-minded people with similar personalities that they can hang out and bond with within Sol Invictus.

The Houses of Sol Invictus Guide

What is the house system?

In Sol Invictus, we currently have a five house system. In Sol, these houses function as approved cliques of members that bring about more tight-knit communities in our group. The house system gives members a place to go in Sol that best suits their personality and gives them a sub-section of like-minded people within it. The house system also functions as a means for Sol to keep active and going if other groups around it fizzle out. The houses allow for internal competition and events in good numbers.

As stated, there are Six houses in Sol, all with their own mottos, values, and personalities.
 These Six houses are as follows:
  1. Anicetus
  2. Lucius
  3. Invictus
  4. Perseus
  5. Olympia (Blog WIP)

How do houses gain members?

Houses in Sol gain membership through Draft Night, a process where new group members get to join a house and begin their progression into Sol. The houses each work together with their own leadership to decide which members they believe would make a good fit in their house. At the selection day, the leaders of the houses will speak about the members they chose and claimed, and those members will decide which house they want to join. 

Bloodline names, Events, and Activity

Each house has a rank system within it, and one of the ranks in that system is the "Archos" rank. Members acquire this rank once slected, by adopting the name of their house into their own.  Adopting the name is mandatory once a house has accepted you into it.

Houses host events with each other, but also individually. You will often find houses hosting game nights for themselves in which the members of that house get to hang out and have a fun time with one another. You will also catch house members in their respective text/voice chats hanging out with one another as well. This is a part of the bonding process you go through with your house as a member, and your house experiences are some of the best you can experience in the community of Sol. 

Activity requirements vary from house to house, but generally, houses require activity only for significant priority events, like House Meetings or the Draft Night. Your house will always be able to discuss any activity problems you may have with you, and the required events are very minimal compared to the central Sol Server.